If I had a nickel’s worth of evidence . . .


that the daily posts of this blog had generated two cents’ worth of support for AeroKnow Museum I would plan to continue copying and pasting my daily entries to this blog. I do not believe that the SILENCE of those who, by extraordinary coincidence, are reading this post,  could be interpreted as support. So AeroKnow Museum’s Day to Day blog is going on holiday for the foreseeable future. I will spend more time with the other AeroKnow blogs and hope you find them worthy of  your assistance. Happy holidays.


November 11

Sat, Nov 11 — Another ragged night. Awoke at 3:30, out of bed at 4 and stayed up. Rearranged work area in my bedroom office; much better now. Into AKMSPI at 7:10.  Worked on an AKM blog post about Barry Tempest’s visit here. Off to employer at 9:50. The four hours there were productive — copying, clipping — but depressing. I did not return to the airport. I was tired. I went home, took a nap and piddled with arranging my home office and modws. Kevin — bless him for everything but not paying rent and utilities since JUNE– fixed my stove.  Depressed. Didn’t drink any booze. Didn’t browse porn on  the internet. Went to bed and slept okay. The day was a D.

November 10

Fri, Nov 10 —  Up at 8 afer A RAGGED NIGHT. Into AKMSPI at 9:00 after an errand downtown. CHILLY in the Welcome Room. Proof read  some more articles for the next AAHS Journal and browsed Internet until 11; worked upstairs moving things to new Reading  Room to stay warm.  Made good progress with that and work went well: more copying pages and stapling articles together. Owner George asked me if I  wanted to work Saturday, and I said YES. Glad to earn four more hours’ worth. Back at airport, browsed aviation and Facebook. Departed for grocer and home at 7:30. It was a B day.

November 9

Thu,  Nov 9 —  Up at 8 and picked up a little in the house before going to SPI. Into the office at 9:05.  Proofread commented about the AAHS Journal articles remaining for me. It took every minute of the morning and I was five minutes late at employer.  Clipped culled pages and copied others by late afternoon.  Made fair progress, and back to AKSPI, mostly to see if a promised posted package has arrived. It had not. Out the door at 6:10 though I knew it would be colder at home. Took the office space heater and will bring it back Friday.  I’m still torn up inside over so much uncertainty!  The day was another C-minus. I NEED MORE TIME TO CONCENTRATE FOR  EXTENDED PERIODS here at SPI.  I had taken the space heater for AKMSPI office to 428 hoping to work in the modws, but after dinner of peanut butter on a butter knife and wine, I went to bed after a few minutes of working on the early Monogram 1/72 F-14 and awoke at 2 am.  Corresponded with Fb friends and returned to bed at 4.

November 8

Wed, Nov 8 — Up at 7. Spent until 10:50 straightening up the house. Took  two folding tables to  basement where they will be well used when the weather warms. Put away the disarray on the modws tables. Starting  just putting away magazines to get rid major CLUTTER. Will sort them later. The way my life is going I may NEVER sort and arrange them! Ate breakfast for the first time in months: peanut butter from a knife with coffee.  HELL, it was BREAKFAST. Employer went fine. FRUSTRATED that as depressed as I am and with unpredictable  calls on phone and presence of owner who APPROVES me working on  AKM business, I CANNOT CONCENTRATE to PROOFREAD ARTICLES AS PROMISED FOR AAHS. I’m disturb ed by this, even more depressed. Put off trying until Thurs morn at airport. Clipped  many clips fr om loose culled pages. Stayed until 5:30  and copied pages. Model club went fine, gave away some kits with minor defects I will never build nor sell. Must find a route to club meetings with less traffic.  I can feel myself slipping away, losing desire to lift a finger.  After snacking at model club, peanut butter from a table knife for dinner.  The day was  a C-minus.

November 7

Tue, Nov7 — Organized things in 428  Reading Room and office. Into SPI at 11:25 and phot’d black Bombardier BD-100. At employer, copied a lot of pages and clipped a lot of kit reviews from pages culled earlier from magazines.  Had a nice afternoon, not cold or hungry. Back to AKM. Posted pictures from Tiger Con at Plastic Wings blog.  Went home at 7:30 via grocer for more peanut butter. The day was definitely a B-PLUS. Discovered MY KITCHEN STOVE IS BROKEN! NONE OF THE HEATING ELEMENTS PRODUCE HEAT! Microwaved my can of chili and ate it and peanut butter for dinner.  Without dollars from upstairs resident, I CANNOT BUY a(nother)  used stove.  DAMN! Didn’t fight my exhaustion; went to bed about 10:15 and slept okay.

November 13

Mon, Nov 6 — Up at 6am and out  to the airport where BT had left his rented car.  Chatted a little more over coffee, and he departed for Indy about  8:00. It had been an incredible visit! Took a BUNCH of pictures. I processed pictures from the last four days until finishing about 3 pm.  I was TIRED, drank a lot of coffee. Checked Fb & email and went home at 4:10 very tired. It was still an A day because of BT’s visit. Napped and had an unproductive night awake, sorting for as long  as I could bear the cold ReadRm and returned to bed. Slept okay.