June 27 – B-17 “Aluminum Overcast”

Tues, June 27 — Picked up around the house for half an hour and arrived AKM at 7:30. Phot’d the B-17 in perfect sun. Started to process pics I had just taken, they worked on placing model signs with models in MOD room. My new ex-Marine friend Bill visited, and  we went out to AlumOver where the pilot had promised him a tour. I went along and had a great visit with the pilot also. Returned to office with Bill and showed him a few of the pictures I had just taken. Had to get to employer but sent new AKM Gallery of Flight blog to Mark Ha and David Bl and posted view of SPI ramp from nose of 17 before leaving. All afternoon I worked with Vachel poems I am practicing to MEMORIZE again. I used to recite a lot more so I have some brushing up to do. Learned from bank I am HORRIBLY OVERDRAWN  — $384 — how the HELL did THAT HAPPEN? Really shot me down, DAMMIT. Back to AKM and put more model signs out. I’m going to have to make many new ones, but that’s okay; happy to do it.Processed the rest of the pics I took of Bill D with the 17, sorted model signs I can use from those I can’t. Had a nice visit with the AHEC guys across the hall. Worked on the books list until 8:30 and went home after an A-minus day.

Pictures of the B-17 were taken when I arrived and in later light when Bill and I toured the bird at SPI.

June 26 – B-17 “Aluminum Overcast”

Mon, June 26 —  Early arrival hoped for didn’t happen. Worked in modws all morning, on prop for “Mr. Awesome racer, on 1/144 KC-135 Mark H donated, Spit 8, discarded one of the two MiG-31s I started because of parts troubles beyond solution. The model is going to be too large anyway. Ultrasound cleaned parts of the two airbrushes. Tidied things up. THREW AWAY several 1/48 scale BUILT models I’ve saved for DECADES because I know I will never have a place for them; no space for them and don’t want to give them away. Discovered B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” has arrived; due to  open to public Fri. Took a few pics through fence in  light rain.. Processed and posted at Fb. For about an hour I placed MANY ident cards next to MANY built models in MOD room. I feel very good about this. Processed pictures from the AHEC thing and took another of the17 with a sunny sky. Went home at 8:20 after a very productive B-PLUS day.

Pictures of the 17 were take early and mid afternoon June 26 at SPI.

June 25 – Cessna Caravan

Sun, June 25 — A very difficult night last night with sleep. Had to meet with upstairs resident at 10 and arrived AKM at 11:10. Civil Air Patrol’s in town: a 172 and 182 are on the ramp. Welcomed a visitor, a new pilot with Civil Air Patrol, had time to see MOD rm. Attended the media event for the AHEC aviation hall of fame display in the terminal, took some pics and later gave them to Gregg B to edit and give to airport director. Was feeling sad for no good reason, listed another box of books. Took some up to Intake room and worked upstairs tidying up and better arranging it and Research, doing nothing fast but accomplishing something more than listing books all day. Returned to office at 6. Put some of my digital images printed in past newsletters up on the bulletin board in the hall. Spent time on Fb, had another nice visit with Gregg B. and went home satisfied with the day: an A-minus because I should have accomplished more upstairs, but I enjoyed the visitors. Went home at 8.

Pictures of the Cessna Caravan were taken Saturday, June 24 at SPI.

June 24 – HC-144A

Sat, June 24 —  In at noon after more rearranging in modws & office. Many ac on ramp, nothing special. Processed  HC-144 pics from yesterday until 5:45 and FINISHED them. YIPPEEE! Took some listed books to Intake Room. Brought a box of books to  list to office and took a box to keep at home to the van. Left at 6:20 for home via grocer. I’ve eaten three medication pills and a mint all day. I could have brought peanut butter sandwiches but that depressed me more than the prospect of eating only a mint or two and losing some weight. I’m tired and a little shaky, but it’s been an honestly productive B day.

Pictures of the HC-144A were taken June 23 at SPI.



June 23 – Casa Nurtano HC-144

Fri, June 23 — In at 9, moved the brochure bin in the hall to my door. Spent time getting acquainted with a networking group: Alignable. Filled out some forms until  11:30. Work was okay. Culled some articles from avmags I had almost decided to keep. Paycheck was due for two of the past three weeks BUT THERE WAS NO PAY CHECK. Back to AKM and listed some more books. Intend to get an EARLY START OUT HERE SATURDAY. On the way out of FBO I saw a Casa Nurtano HC-144  on the ramp and was given permission by pilot to take pictures. I took many close up, and from behind the fence when it took off. They told me the weather at Dayton, OH — where they were headed to display it at the big air show there — was thundershowers and high winds. They landed at SPI to wait for the storms in Dayton to be over. The line crew were working elsewhere, and there was no one who could buzz me out  onto the ramp when the crew departed. I took my Canon to the fence with me, photographed through the fence and downloaded all the pictures, processed and posted a few. Went home at 9:40 and had a late dinner, but I was happy. Thanks to the HC-144  it was a B-plus day.

Pictures of the HC-144 were taken June 23 at SPI. More will be posted later and at an AKM Gallery of Flight blog feature.

June 22 – Agusta A109C

Thu, June 22 — In at 7:50, early for me in recent weeks. MUST accomplish PROGRESS out here with the surplus book list! Brought the finished Junkers F-13 to Models Display Room. First model I started after moving into the back of the hall last winter.  Listed books until  9:55 and moved BOXES of listed books to the and arranged in the Intake Room. To Subway and bought a Sub of the day footlong and four cookies that will last today and Friday. The day at employer was withering-warm; I accomplished nothing for AKM. Back to airport and napped at my desk about an hour, attended an AHEC meeting re a Sunday dedication that went  fine. Back to listing books at 7:45, took some upstairs and brought more down by 8:45. Went home at 8:50 after a D-plus day.

The Agusta A109C was  photographed at SPI during October 2015.


June 21 – Cessna 210

Wed, June 21 — No home activity re AKM. Filed AKM NFP papers at Illinois Secretary of State’s office downtown. They will take a week to process. Arrived AKM at 10:05. Processed Ces 210 pic from yesterday. Took nothing to the van. Read at employer; accomplished nothing for AKM. And after employer spent 15 minutes at airport before heading downtown to a poetry event. It’s a once-a-month event and I HAVE to participate. I have a poetic presence in this town, and I must maintain it. I really need some time off from employer to spend here. I’ve made good progress, but I have a long, long way to go. I may even stop for wine after poetry tonight. We shall see. The day was a D.

Picture below was taken June 20.