March 28 – no pictures

Tue, Mar 28 — In at 8:00. It was nice to see dry pavement (no rai n) Spent half an hour walking big boxes of magazine articles and clippings to the dumpster. That is all I take until the garbage truck visits later this week. Moved many model kits I now consider surplus to the  Spares Room to offer them for sale. Eating regularly has become more important than “collecting,” and I MUST stop staying alive while my employer delays paying me and I try to get the upstairs ready to rent by  transferring MORE FROM MY HOME EQUITY LOAN ACCOUNT.  I am really up against a WALL with this! Work went okay.  I listed many pictures from mini-CDs. I was so depressed over my apparent fate that I didn’t even return to the airport. All that awaits me there is WOE!  I am slowly preparing my home to  receive a lot of what’s out here at the airport, though what I will take home and what I will sell and give away  is uncertain. I intend to keep AKM going as a n-f-p but on a reduced size. The day  was a damn “D-minus!”

March 28 – no pictures

Mon, Mar 27 —   In at 10:05 after paying some bills downtown. Worked on the Lincoln Flyer but progress was slow. An F-4 enthusiast, Larry T  visited for about three hours, showing some terrific pictures and discussing how he and I may add to each others’ collections in the weeks ahead. He’s a great guy. Processed more pictures in the afternoon, but was a mite depressed from the circumstance. Went home with some surplus magazines, part of the downsizing effort here. Productivity-wise, the day was a C, but my attitude  for most of the day was much lower than that. Processed some pictures and posted a note of Fb about an event Friday I will be a part of. Went home at 6:30.

March 26 – Cessna T-37

Sun, Mar 26 —   In at 8:45. Finished the March Lincoln Flyer, printed four and sent a few copies out Lunch was snack food. Worked upstairs 1 to 3:30 discarding clippings, emptying and stacking boxes.  Took three large boxes to dumpster. These boxes are full of paper and are HEAVY. Moved some other boxes of built mocels in storage. No interest in working on any models. Didn’t  say a word to another human being all day. Photographed  a Piper Arrow.  Went home at 3:50. I’d rather read than stay here at the airport. It’s about as quiet as a  tomb. It was a “D-minus” day.

Pictures of the T-37 were taken during Springfield Air Rendezvous,  October  2002.

March 24 — Bombardier CL-600

Fri, Mar 24 —  In at 9:00 after a very rocky night. Photographed a Challenger in perfect sun, perfectly parked and took my time. Very sharp airplane! Processed and downloaded some  pictures, then went upstairs and worked in the Spares Room,  Intake Room and Airbrush Room  until 11:30. Discarded MANY broken models I don’t have time to  restore, Set aside several  I intend to restore and finish building.  Came down in time to see 3 F/A-18s parked way down the ramp, a safety precaution given the number of lightplanes arriving and departing in this  beautiful  weather. They were out of camera range, and that’s okay. My head still aches a little from last night, and I’m a little  queasy. Haven’t had a  thing to eat or drink all morning. Spent the day at employer listing pics on mini-CDs from 2002. HE DID NOT  PAY ME what he owes me. I’ve been SIX WEEKS without a PAYCHECK, and to make my promised payment for January’s leak, I must take out another home equity loan MONDAY MORNING.  I NEVER DREAMED IT would be like this with employer, but I cannot leave him because he owes me a lot of money and I’ll never see a penny of it if I quit. DAMMIT!  Processed pictures taken this morning and went home at 6.  It was a D-plus” day.

March 23 – Airbus A320

Thu, Mar 23 —   In at 7:45. Processed pictures from yesterday and posted at blog. Talked with MHan about timeline for renovation and timeline for AKM’s downsizing. He told me he thinks NO ONE is going to give AKM free space at the airport! MAYBE AKM can join forces with another aviation “history” organization out here, but I don’t believe that will prove possible. Worked upstairs for half an hour filling three small wastebaskets with material that will never be organized and filed. Worked on the newsletter half an hour.  Work was fine: all AKM time with listing pictures from photo CDs. Feeling sad out here so I  went home at 6:00. I’ll make an early start tomorrow. On balance the day was a “C-minus.”

Pictures of the 320 were taken March 25, 2016 at SPI.

March 22 — Socata TBM 700

Tue, Mar 21 — In at 7:15, photo’d a Socata TBM on the ramp. To Lenscrafters and was re-tested for vision so they could verify my eyes are fit for me to legally drive. To AT&T phone store & bought the simplest  smart phone they have. I am reasonably confident I can learn how to use this one. Back to  AKM at 11:10. Processed pictures until leaving for employer.  Read accumulated newspapers and clipped everything aviation-related.  Several customers. Finished listing pictures from Photo CD-L.  Back to AKM and photographed a Piper Seneca II, I think the first one I’ve seen. Processed the day’s pictures
Took a nap a little more than an hour with my head on pillows at my office desk. Awoke about 7:10 and finished processing the pictures from today by 8:00. I was more ambitious than I thought I would me when I awakened from my nap. I posted a new AKM Gallery of Flight feature about the visiting T-38. Finished that at 9:40 and went home, very happy with how things turned out. The day was a “B-plus” for sure.

The TBM was photographed about 7:30 am March 22.

March 19 – Piper Arrow IV

Sun, Mar 19 —  In at 8:40 and phot’d the T-38 and Citation X in perfect morning light. Incredible! Processed and posted pictures from yesterday until 10:50! Worked on Junikers and arranged things there. Started a new cross index file that lists aircraft and aviation subject with CD that has it.Later in the day, phot’d a Cessna 172K and after that a Piper Arrow IV, both parked next to the T-38 and the Arrow IV later, closer to the fence From 2:15 to  4:15, worked upstairs doing a LOT. Took a bunch of books and magazines I’ve tried to give away to visitors to the Airbrush Room to the dumpster.  Removed most of my material out of the soon-to-be-former model club room upstairs. Returned to office and worked on a personal blog. Spent almost an hour working on the Junkers and getting things arranged in the model area. Jim B. visited; donated a bookshelf and office supplies.  Departed at 8:20 after processing some of the pictures taken today and posting at Fb. It was an “A” day!

Pictured is the Arrow IV photographed March 19.